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Alt-Berg boots

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Alt-Berg boots Empty Alt-Berg boots

Post  SteveCat Thu Nov 24 2011, 12:00

These boots will get you kicked out of Power Ranger school – they aren’t flash, on the contrary, are very bland looking don’t have sliders, ankle guard add-ons etc. Compare them to a touring boot rather than a ‘superbike’ variant.

My Richa leather trousers have shin guards which go down into the boot. I didn’t realise that this would cause a problem when getting new boots, after trying on so many and finding none of them fitting properly I decided to look at the made to measure route and Alt-Berg in Richmond, North Yorkshire.
I arranged the fitting to coincide with my trip up to the WeeMac. Decided on the Hogg All Weather Microlite boot, but needed longer laces to get over the shin protector. I was pleased to find I didn’t need a non standard boot after all. However all of these are made to order, so patience is required a 3 month lead time is the norm.

A little different from the bike boots I have had in the past, for starters they are lace-ups and the thought of that didn’t enthrall me. However I have got used to the laces now and it isn’t a problem, at least there are no zips for me to break. The boot is very substantial, thick leather and is much heavier than the ones I have pensioned off. I can’t help but thinking that the old ones, even in their prime and with the ankle protectors and what ever else they had wouldn’t actually be of much protection if called upon.

I wanted a boot which wouldn’t be uncomfortable or wear out quickly if I walked in them. I can’t believe just how comfortable these are. It did take a bit of getting used to them and also for them to ‘break in’. Haven’t had them over a winter yet, so can’t say how they are in the cold, but I can say they are waterproof.
When they do wear out and need a repair, they can be sent back to the factory and they can be refurbished using the original last (the wooden shoe mould).

Oh and a MCN Recommended too. A good product and made in England to boot! I'm pleased I bought them.

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