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Personal review of Bishops Castle trip

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Personal review of Bishops Castle trip Empty Personal review of Bishops Castle trip

Post  mrfrance Sun Jun 19 2011, 10:02

BC was fantastic! Weather was a bit temperamental but we saw many nice dry roads!! (Think I almost got a tan at one point whilst sleeping outside the cafe) Absolutely beautiful scenery, great group of people to be riding with.

Was my first big ride out on the cat (on a 600!) couldn't have asked for a better bunch of people to be riding with... Very well lead by Nick and a very patient tail end charlie Steve and Tel. So thanks guys for making the ride out safe and enjoyable.

I would love to join in on more of these (family permitting). I will never make the mistake of carrying a backpack next time as had a painful ride up to Wales and home (400miles) will invest in a tail pack I think!

Most of all I learnt about myself as a rider! What can I say I love my brakes! s*** myself on some the dropping twisties, went in a bit hot at 60+ and came out about 20 and shaking!! Sick Tried to play ball with the Ducatis on the straight but I think they were just toying with me! Those riders are nuts! but very skillful I have to say.

Once again thanks to everyone for making the trip worthwhile and making an effort with me socially as the newbie! A very warm and welcoming group. Hope to see you all again!

(Look forward to the pics)

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