Yamaha Thundercats
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My ideal bike

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My ideal bike Empty My ideal bike

Post  Guest Thu Nov 06 2008, 11:07

Hi all,
This new forum may well rejuvenate my interest in this group Very Happy I was really lifted by the messages from many people saying that they still had a Thundercat and wanted to keep the name for this new place (and their bikes).

I bought one of the last Thundercats that I could find new, as an end of the line machine, not to be continued by Yamaha :( Several times before I actually bought one I did my research and it kept appearing at the top of the shortlist. When I went to pick it up it was a 200 mile bus trip and I had never ridden one before. I waited until the salesman got fed up, in case I stalled it, then set off home. There was a mini-roundabout 100 yards up the road and as soon as I went round it I knew I had made the right choice. I loved the Thundercat right from the start and still do. It is just the right combination of sporty (plenty of performance for me) but not too extreme in terms of riding position and with a full fairing. Still no real alternative as far as I can see. [Now if I could only do something about the headlight...]

This forum is already easier to use than some of the other alternatives that old MSN Groups have moved to, let's give it a try.

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My ideal bike Empty Re: My ideal bike

Post  0ldcat Thu Nov 06 2008, 12:08

Hi Bill,

And Welcome aboard, good to see you made the jump across. Glad you like the new place, lets hope there'll not be to many hurdles scratch to cross on the journey in here eh.

I to was pleasently surprised at the response to keeping the cat name for the site and at the amount of t-cats still out there lurking.
Now all we need to do is actually get 'em all to one of the ride outs together. Very Happy

You're so right about the Thundercat being the ideal all rounder, I still think it is and was a better bike than the CBF600. Yeah sure it has it's quirks, the headlight as you point out being one, but I, like every cat owner I've ever known/met think that the positives way way out stript it's niggles.

Hope to continue seeing your posts on site, and one day out and about on one of our meetings or ride outs. What a Face

Cheers & Ride Safe

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