Accident query!

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Accident query!

Post  JDM on Mon Dec 01 2014, 12:29

Hi all, just after wee pick of everyone's knowledge.
After bike being off road for 18 months finally got her rebuilt and on Tarmac again, spent time and money on her and all was great, until I had a SMIDSY incident on way he from work Saturday and some eejit pulled out right in front of me on roundabout.
I ended up laying the bike down to avoid worst outcome.
I've ended up feeling very second hand and only got broken rib in process but more concerned about bike, so was wondering if anyone any experience of insurance outcome in such situations??
From what I can see mechanically (altho not checked yet) looks cosmetic, Front right fairing scuffed & cracked, which has damaged lugs connecting to left front, and lower front 'v' fairing, front top fairing scratched, brake lever damaged, right rear fairing cracked, and exhaust scratched up, front wheel fender smashed!! Just wondered how insurance will assess repairing it, do they repair and repaint scuffs or look to replace as at first glance replacing all damaged panels is pricey!!
More gutted as just spent lot of time and money on her, re prayed swingarm myself but also coughed up for lots of new little bits and spent £200 on caliper rebuild, new tyres, levers etc
Any views greatly appreciated, awaiting insurance call back.

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Re: Accident query!

Post  Wooster on Mon Dec 01 2014, 14:40

Don't forget the clip on will possibly be bent also, so that'll be another £50 for a genuine part.

I had a reversing SMIDSY, so had time to jump off the (stationary) bike and lay it down before the car reversed over it (she didn't look in her mirror before reversing back onto a roundabout).
iirc the insurance didn't quite meet the full cost of repairs though.

Can you buy it back if they decide to write it off?

Sorry I can't be of any more help.
Still, the good thing is that you're relatively unscathed. Cool

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