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Post  M3TAL Mon Sep 20 2021, 10:05

Not sure where to stick this thread.

Warmed up bike this morning and everything was fine. Pulled away no problem and off I went on my way to work.

Gave it some this morning in 2nd gear high revs as wanted a bit of fun.

Got to town traffic and had to crawl, gave it some throttle and nothing, no revs and no power (bike is idiling perfectly fine) then I had to stop. went to pull away, pull back the throttle and nothing. No revs, no movement bike just idiling fine. Pull it back a bit more (more then I normally have to) and the bike moved.

Whilst moving its ok. Got to the next set of lights this time gave it more throttle and the bike pulled away, and again lights after that throttle is pulled back far more than I normally have to to pull away.

Gave it some on the straight passed town, low gear high revs. Got to a roundabout, drop to 2nd, all clear and around I go, accept when I went to pull back on throttle there was nothing there and no revs again.

Got to the petrol station. Filled up, started the bike and it pulled away normally l. Exactly how it should.

Whilst parked up I had my coffee, started the bike and the bike pulled away perfectly fine and I went easy the rest of my commute and no more issues.

What could caus this? Only seemed to happen after I gave the bike some.

-when I pull throttle back no revs or movement
-bike idiling fine
-oil level ok
-new clutch cable on Friday
-gears don't feel like slipping
-taco showed 120 miles. No fuel light on

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