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Post  Rosco on Fri May 10 2019, 11:13

Decided to get a Packtalk Bold recently and it's a great piece of kit.

I've had an interphone 5 system for a few years and while it was fairly good for small groups but you had to stay in the order you paired them in.

e.g. 1 is paired with 2
      2 is paired with 1 and 3
      3 is paired with 2 and 4
      4 is paired with 3

With the Interphone system if they all ride in this order and they can communicate (as shown above) then everyone can talk and listen to everyone and you can either listen to music OR be in intercom mode but NOT both.
When the link between 1 and 2 is lost e.g. 2 stops or moves to the back (far enough away from 1) then the only folks that can talk to each other are 3 and 4.

The Packtalk is much more the way it should be with it's MESH mode.
You CAN have music AND intercom at the same time with the music fading out enough to hear what is being said and then fading back in.
With it's new MESH mode you can be a member of a group and once in the group as long as you have communication with any of the others in the group you can talk to and listen to all the folks they are connected to and so on up to 15 members.

I've kept my Interphone for my pillion so that they can be bridged in. (Tried this on a recent run up to Mallaig with Daz)
I have to drop my bluetooth connection from my phone to allow this so no more music or phone calls on the go if I bridge it in though due the number of bluetooth connections you can have.

At Wee Mac we had Dave, Gill, Ian, Rob, Steve and myself all in the same group and had a right good natter whilst being able to get a commentary on the road ahead or what is happening behind.
Hearing the commentary ahead of "Oh £$?!", "gravel", "sheep" meant you knew to slow a little.
We could also advise if the road ahead was clear (or otherwise).

It's not cheap but it you buy with a friend you can go for the Duo version (for 2) which works out a bit cheaper.
We were £175 each to get ours.


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