cat v caterham

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cat v caterham

Post  888kieran on Sun Nov 16 2014, 19:54

Hi everyone, just thought I`d share this, pulled up at some lights today next to a Caterham, not sure what model, anyway lights go green, glanced across and the little old Caterham thought he`d have the jump on me, he had already started I might add, I wasn't expecting it really but I thought off we go then!
So I opened up the old cat, neck and neck for about a second, then left him for dead, he must of been pulling his hair out, I had a pillion aswell! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!
I know I`m a child but just got to do it sometimes, even us oldies!

Anyone got a Caterham?

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Re: cat v caterham

Post  sir digby on Sun Nov 16 2014, 21:31

Hahaha faultless stuff u big kid I remember a flash twat in a Ferrari trying to get the better of me when I had the cat I didn't expect the cat to wipe the floor with him but it sure did £1500 600cc bike vs £100 000+ car.
Have yet to come across another situation like that on the R1 so it better be something good.
Cheers Mark
sir digby

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