Yamaha Thundercats
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Cat up to scratch

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Cat up to scratch Empty Cat up to scratch

Post  skiser Sun Jun 15 2014, 23:52

I recently joined the Forum and said I'd let y'all know when I'd done some mods. Totally redid the whole back end this weekend and refurbished the shock which was looking pretty tired cosmetically. Also got the wavy back disc on to match the front discs. I had the front discs since a while for another project bike, they're originally for an R1. I replaced all the disc bolts with stainless for a tenner. The back ones were fine but all the fronts bound up with three of them shearing off!!! Had to take the wheel into work to use the big pillar drill, them clean out the threads with a tap.
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Apart from the discs there were a few things I wanted to sort, maybe these could have been something that Yamaha could have done. I thought the steel levers were a bit cheap so I've fitted alloy rear brake and gear levers from a Thunderace.
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Also having a black and orange Cat I couldn't resist the black and orange anodised levers. Though they sent an R6 clutch lever by mistake from Hong Kong but refunded half the cost so they need up being £12! Got a clutch lever bracket from Breaking Point(local breakers, top blokes) for nothing as it was a bit scuffed up and missing the adjuster. Machined one myself out of alloy and filed and painted the bracket and they're a lot more comfortable.
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This shows my set up for a spring compressor, brilliant things ratchet straps!(safety glasses recommended)
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Photo above shows the shock after the cosmetic refurb. Why is the remote reservoir run through the gap in the subframe???? At least now if I want to remove the shock I don't have to remove the battery and part of the undertray to get the shock off as I moved the line to the reservoir to run below the frame tube that it was cable tied to.
Yes this is an EXUP swingarm so while the hugger was off I marked up where I'll get some alloy brackets welded on. It's not a huge problem to fit, has much better quality adjusters, is lighter and looks a whole lot better. That may well be a winter job though as I don't want the bike off the road during the summer plus I'm off to Switzerland on the Cat in July, ferry all booked from Newcastle.
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Quite attached to the Cat already. Never felt like giving a bike a name before. First thoughts after I bought it was "Capability" Cat but I think it'll be TC(if you're old enough to remember the cartoon)  but maybe it'll only merit being called Top Cat once I get the swingarm done.
Set up the suspension as per the Performance Bikes guide from way back but backed off the rear shock compression damping slightly from these settings as it was a bit harsh. It'll be interesting to see how the bike handles tomorrow after the rear end refurb. Next weekend it'll be the front getting some work done and yes I've got a seized compression damping adjuster and yes it's the left one. I assume it's seized on standard setting so I just put the right one on the same. Here's the page from the June 2003 booklet that came with the magazine.
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