Watsonian Squire Open Day 2011

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Watsonian Squire Open Day 2011

Post  Radar on Mon Jun 27 2011, 00:25

After some pretty dodgy weather it was just good to get out on the bike and feel the sun on back. Five of us hooked up for this ride across the wonderful Eglish county of Worcestershire , riding a ZX9R, a Hinckley Bonnie, two Blades's and my FZ1S. The lad on a 94 Blade led the line as we weaveed through some achingly beautiful Cotswold Villages, real picture postcard England stuff. I had swapped bikes by now and was enjoying that typically grunty Kawasaki motor in the Zx9R. On a couple of the faster sections we had a bit of fun...and that 9R rocks, but I was surprised how wel the 17 years old Blade went: it can seriously boogie let me tell you!!

As we drew closer to the venue loads of little of bikes cmae the other one, old Brit stuff and Enfields in the main. They blended perfectly with the classicly english surroundings and it could almost be the 1950's again.

Watsonian Squire manufacture traditional sidecars and also import the Enfield range from India, enchancing them before selling them into the UK market. So it was no surprise to see the ful range lined up outside. But the bit I really enjoyed was the 'production-line', a charming throwback situated in one of the myriad of buildings on the industrial estate where they are based.

We spent about two hours there, just mouching about, checking out the bike park, drinking tea etc. I bumped into an old mate of mine form the 1980's so it was all good.

On the way back to I tried anothe r friens's 07 Blade. What a fabulous bike. A little clincal, in that typical Honda way, but fast, stable and beautifully put together. A class act.

Back in Evvessham on e the lads and his wife laid on a rather excellent bar-be-cue which we all enjoyed.

On the way back I had a bit of fun as I 'compared' the performance of the ZX9 and my FZ1, before I had to turn for home.

All in a cracking days biking A few pics...

Disturbing the Peace of quiet Sunday morning in Eversham

Cool blue ZX9R

As is so often the case it is the bike park that provides much of the stuff to lokk at...

Neatly presented BSA


Hard to believe at a quick glance that this is a 2007 bike! We heard pull away going chuff, chuff...Ivor the Enfield!

This was one of three very tidy Honda 750 fours kicking about. Making up for the shocking lack of GT750 Kettles!!

Take my breath away it is a early GPz900R, one of two in the bike park. One of which was being ridden by the old mate I bumped into. Both were super clean examples of a bike that is now firmly and rightly regarding as an all time classic

Very pretty 1960's Honda

Breathtaking Hailwood rep

You have got to love this 1920's (?) Ariel

The full range of Enfields were on display

Pondering part-chpping the ZX on one of these...

Meanwhile considering Fireblade replacement...

They do these stylish trailers too

Sidecar luxury, looking surprisingly like a jet ski when viewed with no bike attached...

Or you can have this full Wallace and Grommett spec...

My favourite bit was in the area where they convert the bikes to UK spec and manufacture the sidecars

Back out in the bike park:

Despite myself, I really liked this HD

Compulsory trike shot...

But I will leave with a pic of my favourite bike of the day...

Hurricane X75, looking nicely used too

If only more days could be like today...

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