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Busy day in the garage!

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Busy day in the garage! Empty Busy day in the garage!

Post  weasley Sat Feb 19 2011, 23:26

After yesterday's MoT failure, today I have mostly been turning my KDX 125 from a ridable bike into what looks like the aftermath of an accident. It failed on both wheel bearings, steering bearings, stiff front fork and missing rear wheel axle nut split pin; having never even removed a bike wheel before, this was something of a challenge!

As I type this both wheels are off, all bearings are out and the front end is off completely, including the races drifted out of the head tube. All parts are on order and I await their delivery so I can get it all back together again!

First thing I had to do though was buy a workshop stand for it - I had been using a convenient height old coffee table but last night my wife woke me in the middle of the night and said she could smell petrol - I went downstairs and into the garage (attached to the house) and there was the bike on its side, the table having collapsed. No real damage done, except the number plate was smashed and rear brake lever bent, but lesson learnt and stand obtained. Embarassed

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Busy day in the garage! Empty Re: Busy day in the garage!

Post  0ldcat Sun Feb 20 2011, 00:10

lol2 sounds like you haz been a bizzy boy deal

I'm affraid I come with a set of instructions . . .

1. Don't Feed after mid-night
2. Don't Get me wet
3. Whatever you do . . . DO NOT let me loose with a set of spanners
Busy day in the garage! Gremlin

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