Yamaha Thundercats
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thundernewbie Empty thundernewbie

Post  Guest Thu Nov 11 2010, 10:31

HI everyone.

First time i"ve ever posted on a forum, despite the fact that I have "lurked" at many over the years.

Just purchased a 2000 Thundercat, 20 oookms on the clock, red/silver. What a beauty. Coming from a background of riding Guzzis, Jotas and ancient neolithic Zeds this is my most modern purchase to date, and I'm quite smitten with her.

Gotta ask fellas, coming from a background of non-adjustable twin-shock suspension I'm all at sea with this 'adjustable' stuff.

Can anyone give me a quick briefer on what damping, rebound etc actually means and how one goes about 'adjusting' the forks etc to achieve this without screwing it up so badly one can't return to the standard settings.

Indeed any tips, hints, info on Cats would be welcome.

By the way I live in Johannesburg, where Cats are rare and the roads are fairly pot-holed.


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thundernewbie Empty Re: thundernewbie

Post  Guest Thu Nov 11 2010, 22:37

i'm experiencing deja vue - welcome again!

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