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Post  Admin Wed Sep 08 2010, 15:55

unionjack Harz Mountain Tour June 2011 germanflag

Hello Fellow Members ,

The Thundercat-Club.de (our German thundercat sister forum) are holding their annual meeting in the HARZ Mountain area (Saxony Region) of Germany on 2nd to 5th June 2011.

Building on the success of a very good trip by six of our members to their Eifel 2010 meeting (Treff), they have kindly invited us to return again in 2011.

This Tour is open to and for ALL yamaha-thundercat.org forum members and represents an ideal opportunity from the novice rider/tourer upto the experienced and seasoned rider/tourer to get their (perhaps hitherto virginal) European touring legs under them.

There was some umming and erring about the 2010 Eifel trip . . . as to whether you should or whether you shouldn't go . . . Riding on the Left worries . . . Never Driven/Ridden in Europe before worries . . . Language barrier worries . . . etc, etc . . . , really, there is nothing to worry about at all. It's all very relaxed and done to a pace that suits the least experienced.
After all, the idea is to whet your whistle for touring abroad.

So here is another chance for a Germany Trip (MkII) Very Happy . . . . . go on Wink . . . . you know you want to Twisted Evil green smile .

On the lighter side, . . . this is a Thundercat meeting Very Happy . . . . so let's see if we can get some of you thundercat owners that are out there inspired by this :whoop: and signed up to fly the UK thundercat-club flag in the Harz Mountains What a Face

Discussion and sign up forums have been opened to allow for questions, discussions and sign-up, (sign up this early ?! - well perhaps an indication of intent to go What a Face ).
Please use those two forums for all matters on this topic Please do not add to this thread, thanks.

This is a link to the ACCOMMODATION . If you open the link with google , click the 'Translate' button/function to get a reasonably good English translation.

As you can see this is a camping complex with chalets available. Go to the bungalows and cottages link (to the left of the linked page) and have a look at the type of accommodation . . . . the hiking huts or type 3 bungalows are the prefered choice of the thundercat-club.de forum.
There are however type1 chalets on site. Bedding and towels are available for an added fee. Otherwise it's take your own sleeping bag and bath/wash/beach towels.

So, it's over to you in the Harz Discussion & Sign Up threads. great It would be nice to have your thoughts, comments and ideas on this (ad)venture.

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