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Fuelishly close

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Fuelishly close Empty Fuelishly close

Post  SteveCat Thu Jun 18 2009, 14:14

Picking up on the comments in 'Fitting a Larger Fuel Tank..'

Ezzy's Mum! wrote:
0ldcat wrote: Frankly if you run out of fuel on a Thundercat in the UK

........ now that WOULD be worthy of a numpty point!!! rofl

I thought I was about to earn a numpty point whilst riding back from BC. Needed to be home by 2:15, so wasn't dilly dallying much (apart from leaving BC a bit later than hoped).
Approaching the M25 and the fuel light comes on - ouch that was sooner than expected. I have found out that trying to work out the consumption and filtering at the same time isn't one of my strong points. So worked on 50 km's maybe 60 max ( dunno in miles, think about 35 minutes).
No problem on the M25 or the M23, but here is where the real numpty starts. Pass the first garage, umm looks too busy, so ride on do the same for the next three. Get home the bike is still running and I have 10 minutes to spare!

A little later go out and first stop is the local garage, sit at the pump for a good 8 minutes and they don't release it. Get the miff and ride off, take Pam home and then back to mine.
Worried the hot weather will evaporate whatever was left, decide to go out after work on Monday. Don't go the local grudge (garage), but rather 3 odd miles down the road to the supermarket.

So after 65 km's with the light on I managed to fill 20.1l. Then the penny drops, I have pretty much overfilled the tank, am just going to the supermarket then home, in this weather the petrol will no doubt escape. Nothing for it, but to go for a ride before shopping (as if I really need an excuse). However even after 30 km's (8.5 minutes I think!!) the level hadn't noticeably dropped.

Not the smartest move, but got away with it, this time.


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