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Sächsische Schweiz ~ The Information Thread ~ Thundercat.de Treffen

Post  0ldcat on Thu Sep 19 2013, 19:26

Sächsische Schweiz/Saxon-Switzerland . . . <====<< The Link to the German Thundercat Forum
(you'll need to register as a member & understand the language too - it's in German ~ obviously)

Once again our friends in Germany have invited us to join them at their annual club meeting. You will notice that , yes, it is in 2015.
This in it's self will become less of an eyebrow raiser as the date gets nearer, but at date & time of posting (19.09.2013 - 19:26:06), seems a bit far off to even consider.
The reasons will become a bit clearer as you read on . . . .

1. It will give you plenty of time to save up your pennies
2. It will give you plenty of time to save up on those all important Browny points
3. Plenty of time to discuss routes, methods and or travel arrangements Bike1 

BUT, Here is the important bit . . . The planning of the event . . .
The Saxon-Switzerland region is a real tourist trap, so accommodation has to be booked way - way in advance to ensure the right place at the right price with enough room to accommodate us all (I'm throwing UK together with the German forum members as "us"), is to be found.
Already there are 22 with their names down on the German forum. I have added my and Bea's names to that list bringing the total (so far), to 24.
This list is provisional and not binding. At this first and early stage is just to indicate how many are interested; thus dictating what type of accommodation to look for/at.
Here is the link to the accommodation currently being looked at Hotel Deutsches Haus . Sorry, it doesn't seem to have an English translation button. . . .

Edit : Seek and Ye Shall Find green smile Hotel Deutches Haus English wink thumb up 

It has on offer ;
Rooms for 56 people
Costs €40 per person per night ~ Half Board (Breakfast Buffet - 3 course evening meal - choice of main-)
Plenty of room for bike parking
and is in an Idyllic setting

More info when Sascha has completed his recce.

Rather than me blather on about how beautiful the region is and what it has to offer . . . please do google saxon-switzerland or Sächsische Schweiz.

I have opened up a General interest thread linkwhere a list of those who would/could be provisionally interested in making the trip, can add their names to that list if they are. I know it's a long way off, . . we are asking interest here not commitment.
Also the general interest forum will serve as a question - answer forum for discussions on the idea.

Thanks for reading and your interest.


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