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Weekend camping in Conwy, North Wales

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Weekend camping in Conwy, North Wales Empty Weekend camping in Conwy, North Wales

Post  Snowcat Mon Apr 09 2012, 21:17

Well after my camping adventure in Feb to Swallow Falls N.Wales (and the reason for my name change to Snowcat!!) I headed off again camping in Wales but this time with wife, kids and dog Their first time ever camping making me with my single trip the expert). As you may or may not know my car (company not choice Wink ) is a Prius Milkfloat and because of the tonne of batteries the luggage space is somewhat limited so good old wifey suggested taking The Mistress Smile

So Friday morning car and bike fully loaded we set off for Wales, ride down was good apart from every prick inexperienced numpty driver must've had an email telling them about a Protest Drive down the outside lane of the A55 Wales link road, 35 miles with barely a car in the inside lane and average speed 5 - 10 miles below limit meant I spent a hell of a lot of time illegally undertaking and waving my finger at a lot of drivers!! Steam Ears

Anyway arrived safely, pitched tent, dog threw up, went shopping for provisions, (strongbow, rosè wine, bacon, sausages and a bargain bucket, settled in for the night. Very drunk Friday night, up Saturday, breakfast (hence pork purchases), then to tesco for proper shop, and more beer Wink then in the afternoon went on a massive hike into the centre of Conwy, wife, kids, dog in toe. Up some big hills and some magnificent views, (pics below). Got back 3 hours later and the sun was beaming down, it had been pretty miserable up to that point. So we sat out, had a BBQ and a few drinkie poos.

Sunday was pretty rainy but that didn't bother me as wifey had given me a pass out to watch the match, red by the way!! My mate who was also there camping, his wife picked us up and dropped us in the centre (didn't fancy the walk again!!) watched the match and met up with some lads from Manchester who it turns out i know indirectly, (small world)!! Great result in the football (and the result from the other side of town was favourable also Wink back to the tent to find my dog (pic below) had been attacked by another dog :( , he was okay but cut on head, (and they say staffs are dangerous dogs) anyway he's tough and got over it. Another BBQ and early bed as the weather turned pretty crap and got worse overnight.

Woke up to waterlogged site which we had to pack up in before heading home in what can only be described as pissing down rain!! Cage Drivers were great coming back as there was a lot of slow moving traffic because of the conditions but the all pulled to the side allowing me to pass and had a pretty easy filter but tough ride back.

Finally arrived home, absolutely sodden wet through but after a thoroughly enjoyable cold, hot, wet, dry funny weekend down in the dirt with the family. None of them put off by the experience and planning to go away again the weekend I'm at Into The Valley in May!!

And most importantly I got a few hundred more miles under my belt in what can only be described as challenging riding conditions!! Happy days but knackered now Smile

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The views were stunning

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Two of my reasons for living Smile

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They got ahead but they are younger than me!!

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Just stunning

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My casa for the weekend

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Loooooonnnnnggggg walk and then attacked, entitled to look a little down :(


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