Yamaha Thundercats
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when for spin!

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when for spin! Empty when for spin!

Post  Guest Wed Oct 26 2011, 20:05

its the the 1st time I took the cat out for a spin this afternoon.
I was bit apprehensive at 1st with not riding a sport'sh bike in 10 years. my last 2 bikes were sit 'n' beg type.
any way it all went out of the window after the 1st 10 minutes.
wow she f**king fast once I open her up , a ton in no time just as how I remember my last cat.
no ache and pains any where accept the back my neck.
probably to heavy helmet ,its one of them flip caberg helmet.
anyway back to the cat.
when I bought it it ran rather poor and would almost cut out once up to speed.
it felt rough all round.
so I bought oil/filter and k&n filter and left the bike with a mechanic I know.
came back from my hols and rode her him ..feeling nervous so I didn't take much notice of things going home.
today confirmed how good the old cat is so I'm well pleased.
what has been done is...
cam-chain checked,shim's etc.
carbs balance etc as well as above oil/filters etc.
steering nut was loose,
general check over,
new brake hose's on the front with s/s banjo bolts etc
p/coated front/rear wheels,new bearings etc.
tyres were new anyway so they are all OK.
purrs like a kitten and goes like a scolded cat!!!!!!!!
so one happy ol chappy old

next on the agenda is...
paint the frame/swinging arm
fairing repainted, my freind is doing that for me for £350.
I was going to by one of those chinky but he said dont waste your money I'll do it for ya.sooo looking good so far.

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when for spin! Empty Re: when for spin!

Post  Rosco Wed Oct 26 2011, 22:42

All sounds good. Glad to hear it went well - apart from the pain in the neck bit.

Hopefully it is just muscles you haven't used for a while.


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