Yamaha Thundercats
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MOT, Insurance, Avons....

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MOT, Insurance, Avons.... Empty MOT, Insurance, Avons....

Post  Guest Mon Aug 22 2011, 19:21

Firstly, can I have a round of applause for my 'Cat - two years of ownership, 10Kmiles (okay it's not that much but it's not bad) and she's just flown through the second MOT I've taken her for. Last year there were 2 advisories - get a new front tyre and get a new rear tyre. This time around there were no advisories Very Happy

I've just renewed my insurance and got the price down a bit - only twenty quid better than last year but I'm happy with it.

And I'd like to report that the Avon Storm 2's I put on at the start of the year (the new tyres I put on to replace my Dunlops after last August's MOT!) have been performing admirably. I'm not a fast rider nor that experienced, but they seem surefooted and give me a decent sense of what's going on beneath. Plus it's looking like I'll get a LOT of wear out of them.
And after some riding in the rain - two-up with a bit of luggage. Along unknown (to me) b-roads of Northumberland. At night. - I think they're decent enough in the wet.

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