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Justice  Empty Justice

Post  Guest Mon Jan 31 2011, 16:00

Bought a car in December to see me through winter tax expires today.

You should know at this point I was very careful to remind the seller of said cage to send the V5 off to avoid any problems.

By the end of the first week in Jan I had not received anything from the DVLA so emailed the seller to remind him to send the paperwork off but no with response. wall

Anyway as the tax due for renewal today off I pop to the post office with my hard earned cash only to be told I can't tax it with the new keeper supplement as its only valid for 2 months and I would have to pay £25 for a new log book fuming .

"You will have to go to the DVLA office in Swansea and they might be able to help" ( Yeah Right).

Now I don't normally say this about the DVLA but they where brilliant great .

They checked on the system and confirmed my suspicions that the student who sold me the car had not sent in the documents.

They then advised me that because I have the green new keeper supplement they will supply me with the V5 free of charge clink .

Then the nice lady said sorry you have had to come out of your way to sort this but if its any consolation the previous owner will now get a £55 pound fine for not informing them of the change in owners lol2 .

Serves him bloody well right I said there is some justice in this world.

She then charged me £112 and a bit for 6 months tax stars

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