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"Safety Camera's" -- Poll & Discussion

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Are Safety Cameras really anything to do with safety or just a Govnm't Cash Cow

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"Safety Camera's"  --  Poll & Discussion Empty "Safety Camera's" -- Poll & Discussion

Post  0ldcat Fri Dec 12 2008, 21:20

So .........

... SAFETY CAMERAs (especially the mobile inna van type),
Are they really anything to do with safety ? I mean look up "safety" in the dictionary , in short - to keep safe, to preserve safely, to protect from harm etc etc.

My tuppence worth,
They only very mildly skim safety at the point they are stationed and within their photographic range, and only then if the motorist knows it's there. If the driver / rider is blissfully unaware of said camera the chances are he/she may get blitzed and an automaton will dispatch a NIP.

All the camera has done is record the event and done nothing to promote or improve Safety, instead I would suggest it has further alienated another member of the motoring public.

So my vote is NO they're nothing to do with safety and all to do with revenue collection.

No I haven't been done just recently (touch wood, and hope it stays that way).

This discussion/topic and votes will run for as long as members continue to post or Admin is asked to close it.

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"Safety Camera's"  --  Poll & Discussion Empty Re: "Safety Camera's" -- Poll & Discussion

Post  Ezzy's Mum! Fri Dec 12 2008, 23:34

Have you noticed how they're always on a straight bit of road??? And i always think ok they're bright yellow but if you only see them last minute then the brakes get stamped on and how safe is that?? As soon as the road markings end people speed up again.

Mind you - one of my mates used to be a swine for coming in to work on an early shift in his bike gear with a big grin on his face and you'd say 'ok where, what and how fast' and the reply would be A--, a lorry and i was doing around 110 - he would pick his moment let the lorry just get going past the camera then trigger it himself whilst pulling out to overtake the lorry so they got the NIP and he didn't Laughing never dared try it myself.
Ezzy's Mum!
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