John O'Groats

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John O'Groats

Post  Wooster on Fri May 15 2015, 01:43

Was up there the other day (burning time between surveys in Orkney and Caithness), and there's almost a constant stream of bikes arriving from all over Europe.
Fair play, the weather is a bit 'variable', but gorgeous when you get it. Cool

Watch your speed on the top half of the A9, traffic cops will pull you in for a 'word' by the look of things (white unmarked BMW around Golspie) if you're up there.

p.s. Does anyone know why John O'Groats is so popular?
Dunnet Head is the most northerly point of the British Mainland, only half an hour away and a twistier road. (Worth doing both if your up there I suppose)

There's no amenities at Dunnet Head though, just an RSPB Information Booth (it's really just a garden shed green smile ) bolted to the car park to stop it being blown into the North Sea during the winter storms.

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