Bike meet near Bridgenorth...some lovely LC's!

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Bike meet near Bridgenorth...some lovely LC's!

Post  Radar on Fri Jul 01 2011, 00:07

I headed up to a regular bike night near Bridgenorth last night with a mate. Some cracking bikes turned up:

5 or 6 RD350LC's, a mint CB1100R, a couple of Guzzis, early Goldwing, GPz900R, Duke Streetfighter, Honda CB500T, CB900F...time to let the pics do the telling....

Beefcake...the original Speedtriple...a blunt instrument rather than a scalpel, and all the better for it

The compulsory Trike shot

The only classic brit in evidence...clean Beesa

Should I switch my FZ for one of these??

Bonus trike shot...never seen one based on a FZS600 before. This one sounded great too

I nearly bought on of these in 1986, still think they look great

Good to see a tribute to Sheene, but this was on the edge of being too garish for me

SP370, I have not seen one in yonks!

Kawasaki KR1S...the 139mph 250 stroker...awesome!

Very early Wing

Some cracking LC's on show, most with YPVS motors. I really liked the white one, subtle and well engineered

CB900F..classic heavy metal

Honda CB500T, very clean example

CBX...all engine

Flash Gixxer[b]

[b]McGuinness tribute Blade, clever paint job

The rarest of the GPZ900R colours and my fave

The Iconic CB1100R...the grandad of the RC30

Ducati SM...looks serious fun

There three thundercats too, including one of the quick red white and black ones!

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Re: Bike meet near Bridgenorth...some lovely LC's!

Post  robertcains on Fri Jul 01 2011, 07:07

Nice pics!!!!!

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Re: Bike meet near Bridgenorth...some lovely LC's!

Post  yamahamad on Fri Jul 01 2011, 09:07

Nice pictures. Love the kr1 always loved & wanted one as a kid.

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